1. Play nice – be considerate. Be wary of being critical as not everyone sees it the same way.
2. No bad language or inappropriate content. Good clean humour is always appreciated.
3. No posting unrelated info about some special brand of bags from Italy or some wonderful thing to make you more of a man.
4. All images posted must be free of copyright; the onus is entirely on the poster as ShipShape RC cannot be held responsible for any infringement, even that which may be entirely unintentional. If in doubt, leave it out. Using your own photos is highly recommended and appreciated.
5. We reserve the right to close an account or remove content without reason being given, usually only if someone breaks any of the above rules.
6. All posts and content therein are essentially the opinion and responsibility of the individual poster. However, the copyright of all posts becomes the irrevocable property of M. Fields.

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June 12th 2019