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Tugboats gadgets

Always had an attraction to  a gadget, as Neddo like to call my misc buys. May not need it now but get it just in case, you never know. Have not spent much lately, in fact getting harder to be enthused about anything new these days, so the finger got a bit of exercise.

The only thing that worries me about HK closing its satellite warehouses if that is what is going to happen is the availability of affordable Li Po batteries.

Going to be 40 or over for the next few days, or so they say, so will see how the AC stands up in my hobby room if I get to play with it soon.

YOU'S LUCKY TUG  we have not been without rain last twenty odd days during which time we have had our yearly average all in 20 days  40-50 inches worth  .AND TEMP is never over 8 c   some days wake up to frost

Even now we being blessed with a little more rain       C/P

Moisture, have not seen any of that for many months. Make you a trade, you arrange for us to get some of that moisture between now and the end of the year, 150-200mm would be nice and I will arrange a 4 day period over 40C. 😯

Hi TUG  , Sure will speak to the Rain Gods Other wise I don't have enough barrels      C/P

Just hang in there a while, dunno about gods, but I have the solution and am working on it (into my 37 th year at the attempt.)

I just have to reduce the size of the portal to no bigger than a car, right now it as large as Tug's stock of unopened toys.


All it is, you have one of these at your home, another at Tug's (or mine). you dial up (pre-touch screen tech, sorry) your desired ambient temp, the other bloke  sets his (has to be precise, or the entire machine, and your house, will simply cease to exist. I think the operator is Ok though, but not recommended to try it out).

So each machine matches the thermo-energy quanta of each and through the wonders in instantaneous, hyper wave technology, exchanges the thermal energy on a complimentary transfer.

So, we send say, 20C ( must not be too much or the machine will ice up, and possibly the sender) and from your end the reverse happens.

Amazing.   🙄

My next version simply sends excess rainfall one way, and extra sunshine hours the other.


So there you go. you wont hear about THAT on Facebook or Google. 

Keep working on it Neddo, that will be some GADGET, you will make a fortune. You will be also very popular on Wednesdays your way. Think I just have to accept we are going to continue in a very dry spell and record the hottest December and possibly the hottest summer on record. Oh well to have averages you need the highs as well as the lows. Another 40 day ticked off.

My daughter in law and grandkids have been evacuated from there house this morning. Fire is about 500m away but it is raining embers. Hopefully a wind change soon.

Hi Neems ,Is that anything to do with an old  De Lorian  Car. I Gotta  Flux Capacitor , if any help  Regards C/P

No, De Lorian thing was hacked off my beadframe back then and although I couldn't retrieve it, I managed to kill the production of the car,  of which there were only a small number anyway.   😯