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One down, three to go

To sell, that is.


A sailing mate who is just getting a few boats ( know the feeling?) has bene interested in building  on eof Gary's plywood sloops.

I knew he had looked at one for sail over in W.Aust but the postage was a gob-dropper.   😳

When he asked me yesty if   I would help him to build one and a little light flicked on and off in my grey cell colony.   💡

So I said I would, but thought I should say that I would be willing to sell my first one, Anna, at a reasonable price so long as it stayed in our group. My decision was based on several considerations.

1: Need to free up storage space for more.

2: Have too many now, and soon another, to get them on the water as often as they deserve.

3: Selling to someone in the group will heighten interest, and maybe, just maybe,  encourage another builder/skipper.

4: Money is useful    😉

Would I sell another? Possibly, but only to a local. Is it likely? I don't anticipate it.