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IOM Fireblade


Hi  Gongoozlers,  Sunday proved a good day for testing FIREBLADE , as was able to match race with a very good Bantock boat in the hands of our club president.  "Well" pleased to say that F/B turned out to be a very good off the wind boat especially if I could keep her upright (as I had always suspected) couple of time s was up on the plane ,and much quicker than the other boat at that point O sailing, not so good cross wind as the more usual deeper hulled boat has more punch, But am working on it ,  Regards C/P

Hi Gongoozlers,Some pretty pics of IOMs racing at a recent invitation club meet (Millbrook Mariners)  Enjoy  regards  C/P  


Good one Ceeps, looks like as young a bunch as we are.  couldn't see you in it but the clubroom bar was not in the picture.


Here is that YT  link  again using the Share link instead of the url address. Might be easier for some ancient viewers.

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Sure Neems ,  Clubroom bar and restarunt is along to the left ,(Local footy club)  Which we can use, Weather conditions reqd working set sails which I did not have with me So I stood back and took the Vid , though must admit  was one of the Millbrook guys uploaded the vid for me and passed the UT address link      C/P

HI TO ALL , Just a quick update on the trials of the Lollypop rudder ,Have the Dia down to approx 3" and was testing on our club waters last Sunday when one of the fast guys (@ IOM ) Sided up to me as he had not brought a boat to sail I offered him the control's of Fireblade ,pointing out that she had the experimintal rudder ,Well came the reply , was looking more at your sails (new set from PJ Sails Ltd)  After some minutes putting her through all points O sailing Handed back the Transmitter with the comment B----- H---     AN you gonna race that thing ?,  Mayhapps    C/P

PS just to note the winds were light just what she likes,as stays almost upright,

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I admire anyone that moves off the well trodden path of conformity.

The advent of the Joysway duo has effectively stifled pretty near every other lower priced boat, and was instrumental in the  Shunbos ( love 'em or not) facing total extinction of the species.

That it also sent ShipShapeRc into the Sargasso Sea where is stuck today is very evident.

But, those who buy them and all those who sail them  are happy.

I just sold my Seawind to a group member, further reducing my plastic boat holdings. It's a great boat, possibly the best of the five within our group, but with the plywoods being of a far greater attraction these days to me, better someone else gives it it's due and plenty of sailing time. 

Look's like faffing around in the  doldrums  SKIPPER!

Not sure about "faffing"


My Mum forbade me to use the Eff word.   😡


Currently reading my Christmas gift from Dear one."


This is the third I own on the subject and his life.  What a story!  And all on a collier and from "before the mast"..  😎

"Faffing about"  Appearing to be busy without actually doing anything .     C/P

Hmm.. we use "stuffing around"