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IOM Fireblade


Nice build C/P, look forward to some close up photos and video of her on the water.

I O M ,  Wooden sail boats , think that a sprat to catch the mackrel???  Well done NEMO

Pic of completed boat with first set O rigging (groovy mast ) and sails from another boat , Regards C/P

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Sterling job, very interesting and detailed post, well done, indeed.


We have a couple in our local fleet, I'll snap some pics when I can.

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This is my last finished project ,She is now up and sailing (will inc some pics of early construction) and some notes as to how it was acheived ,first off was to make a strong back on which to assemble the frames, all eleven frames traced from plan and transfered to ply then cut out . the strong back was a very good piece of English Oak which I placed on the milling machine and cross groved slots at 117.5 mm centre's  eleven in all to take the above framesthe Oak strong back was clamped to an aluminium bar  (just to add extra stiffness ) Frames were arrected on the strong back and stringers were affixed , Just a note I had calculated that the frames would need an extra piece attached in order to slot into the strong back ,this I did on the drawing so as to ensure all were in line when affixed to the strong back build board , (When sufficiently stable the complete frame was removed from the build board and the extra pieces cut off leaving the frames and stringers ready for skinning ,Think from memory did not remove until first bottom skins were in place ,    Trust all makes sense , just ask   Regards C/P

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