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Hobby King up the Aussie free shipping minimum

Congrats on 100 posts Tug.

Took $A147 to get free Oz shipping the other day.

Oz seems to be O/S of a lot of popular items, usually means tight inventory budget.


More congrats to all who have posted this week, nearly fell out of my rocker just now when saw 10 new items for the day!

Everyone should keep in mind that the author should get a few comments for some of his posts as that's what' gees up the activity rate, which in turn contributes to the ongoing life of the forum in general.   😉

The discount email I got said that I had to spend $40 to get it. As I live in AU and the HK site quotes prices in $AU you could think that was $40AU but no it is $US. Had a pointless conversation with one of their on line reps who as far as he was concerned there site only quoted $US. They must be hurting to send out these emails but as far as I am concerned there are now plenty of alternates these days.

Welcome back, much needed input to continue.

Somehow an upgrade to the forum software now defaults to letting guests post, which is why it worked for you.  While we really need postings  it is best that it is from members only, as we always knew and did.

Only bug still about is that when a topic goes to more than  a page full any new posts goes last to read.doesn't happen until it goes over a page full. The forum programmer knows about it and he is very amiable and prompt and easy going but he hasn't fixed it yet. As the traffic on here has been very infrequent in past weeks I just let it be, but will now follow it through.

While I put over 20 original and still occasional  usage forum members  on (with their consent) I find that sadly the shine wore off very quickly for many.  It is understandable that spasmodic and low rate of postings  would have such an effect but hopefully we can keep it going , somehow.

Quote from Neddo on November 8, 2019, 6:16 am

Oh, oh.. something is going on that shouldn't be. 😡


Who placed the post below?

That was me but I must not have been logged in

Mike (VK7ZBW) . Administrator : :

A week ago I received an email from HK offering a 10% discount as a please buy from us again if I placed an order in the next few days. Today I got a similar 20% offer. Had not been on there site for a while so had not noticed the postage increase. Thanks.

Oh, oh.. something is going on that shouldn't be. 😡


Who placed the post below?

Its now a minimum of $100.00 US from local warehouses & $250.00 US from the International warehouse.

HK are slowly but surely pricing themselves out of the market.

Whilst many of the online RC suppliers are offering free postage without jacking up item prices HK seem to be doing both, raising their item prices AND the postage costs.

Australian Warehouse
All orders of USD $80 and over, qualify for free shipping from the Australian warehouse to Australia. This excludes New Zealand. The maximum allowable weight to qualify for free shipping from the Australian warehouse is 22kgs.

For smaller, lighter parts etc, and a much wider choice, best to buy from International and pay the freight (if it isn't too crippling)