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D Q Steam engine

Hi Gongoozlers & Neems, Different people do things in different ways ,Me I usually have more than one project on the table at one time ,some months ago I started construction of a live steam model of the  Delta Queen's engines and progressed to a point where I was stumped with the design of the poppet valves for steam admission /& exhaust ,Nothing being available in tech info I have at verious times doodled on bits of paper and at last have come to a design decision ,This being the time of year to hunker down in a warm work shop I had up to the point of stopping compleated the construction as per pics ,that is cylnders ,compleat except for valves , base board machined up and paddle wheels almost constructed SO Conditions now favor return to this project, See Pics of progress so far ,The steam cylinders are 3/4" bore and some 7" stroke stern wheel is 12"dia .a model built to this scale would be over twelve ft long , TO BIG  for easy transportation ,so at the time when the spokes were being cut (on water jet machine )  at the touch of a button we were able to produce a set half the size ,though as yet I still have to prove the steam engine design ,Keeping as near aspossible to the Delta Queens original engines , TO THE WORK SHOP !!     Regards C/P

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That's one big project there. I'm impressed with the paddles. The engines are really something.

My projects are slowed way down. The old adage that "where there's smoke , there's fire" is now "Where's there's smoke, I'm tired". Day after day. but I've nothing to whinge about, those 1600 who lost everything could well feel way down.