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10 Rater Restoration

Hi Neems , Click on the pic of Bluemoon then enlarge it you will see she carries jib, forsail, & main on booms , Only time there is any need to adjust them is to goose wing when running before the wind , or to ease pressure when hit by a sudden gust , (just to kep her upright ) As before she is very much a light airs craft , Until I can add extra ballast low down.  Models unlike full size don,t need the jib sheeted to come about ,if they have way on then they will come about AS only with way on will the rudder bite,  Often amazes me how many skippers never consider easing sail, but bob along on beam ends rather than let the sheets go.  If you seriously want to win races copy what the fast boys do ,  Regards C/P

Yes, Ok, Bluemoon is fine on booms, but Diana will have a large overlapping jib that needs to be assisted to complete tacks. Being able to adjust the jib when filled and under pressure will be interesting. I wont know until I do it but plenty of full sized cutters and schooners do it that way. She will also have topsails.


I'm not really interested in how fast as I am about the WOW factor. 

Ok Neems I get your thinking ,BUT as above (MODELS DON'T WORK LIKE FULL SIZE) !!  If you really want to understand how models work try sailing a una rig (NO head sail )    And Its   "WAY  (foward movement) on the hull that gets the boat round (as rudder need s foward movement to enable it to work ) UNLESS YOUVE GOT WATER JETS  Will be interested to see how you fair !!    Regards   C/P

If my mentor wasn't so accomplished I might be more concerned.

Here's a brief clip of my initial,  booms to winch setup,  while it is  easy to do stuff.


Hi Neems , Think you might find with a model she comes about much faster than fullsize ,three to four second 's at most    Wear as fullsize take some fifteen to twenty seconds ,or longer if they need to get the head round ,by sheeting the forsails , IF the model has way on then you won't have time to play with the forsail sheets ,  That is one thing I learnt from sailing UNA RIGG , Up to mark let sheets go out . spin boat then sheet in and accelerate  away.   I used to fly the trapeeze on an INTERNATIONAL  FIREBALL way back and you could not go about in much less than ten to  fifteen seconds ,that was going at a good clip . "ahaaa" can still taste the salt spray  C/P

All my plywoods come around on a dime/sixpence/whatever so I expect you are correct. However, for Gary to go to this extra he obviously knows also how full sized boats perform and assures me the results are worth it even if the crew are well worked.. as those jib sheets are commonly known as Trimming and Active, that role being swapped on each tack, they are obviously well included on  many full-sized boat ( he says this is so).

But, I'm doing this purely on faith, and should it turn out less than worthwhile it is no biggie to do without and make a new jib, but I don't expect to be disappointed. 

For anyone wondering just what it takes to bui9ld a plywood sloop, this guy is Mr Super-Patient both in his build and video production.


His methods are as per the book, mine anything but, mostly.